Beer Keg & Beer Gun (20-30 pax)

If you wanna make your event like something out of the 80s, you gotta go with a keg and gun!  While it doesn’t give off the same vibe in a living room the way a keg fridge does, nor does it offer four different flavours the way our trailers do, it DOES make you scream out “KEG PARTY!!” every time you point the gun into your plastic cup and pull the trigger…….KEG PARTY!!

beer keg hire

Keg Fridge (10-40 pax)

Easy to use and adds a touch of class to your BBQ! If your event is gonna be held on the deck , under the pergola, or in your living room then go for a keg fridge!  These wonderful contraptions can hold up to 50 litres of beer (that’s six cartons!) and can dispense from two different taps which allows you the option of different flavours. Perhaps a ginger beer or a cider from one tap and a nice dry lager from another???

Keg Fridge Hire

Beer Trailer (50-100 pax)

A Beer Trailer.....the Rolls Royce of Keg parties. $200 plus beer, but be prepared for the beer envy!

If you are having a large outdoor sporting event, a wedding, a 21st, a Xmas party or just a Big Weekend,  you can’t go past our refrigerated beer trailers which come complete with four taps. Yep! Four taps, that means that you can have four different flavours on tap for all of your friends, relatives, neighbours, and (if you drink too slowly) the  local wildlife to enjoy!

The beer trailers can hold up to 300L of beer (that’s roughly 900 stubbies!!) and will require plugging in so make sure you get an extension cord which can reach all the way down to the back paddock because we don’t have one! With four taps you can have a wide range of flavours on tap and can even put a light beer on tap for "those people".  Don't forget to consider a nice ale or dark beer as well, you would be surprised by how good ours taste!  Join the keg revolution, you will never look back!

Beer Trailer hire